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Welcome to Kemijub.com! We take great pride in providing you a large range of sea shells. Whether you’re considering buying something unique or simply studying more about the amazing, extremely different world under the sea, you’ve come to the finest place.

Our Company is one of the leading traders of sea shell and due to premium quality we export it to different regions of world. While resourcing our unique varieties of sea shells, we verify its shine and quality. After getting our sea shells we execute polarizing and brushing of the shells which remodels them in better way. Due to our proximity with the coastal area we can encourage different varieties of sea shells like CASSIS RUFA, CYPRAEA TIGRIS, IMPREALIS SHELLS, TIGER COWRIE, etc.

We’ve been in the sea shell trade for over more than ten years and have built a reputation for good quality products and great customer service. Kemijub.com offers the premium quality of shells, sea life, jewelry, home décor, accessories and other sea products from around the world. As our items have been made commonly a few sizes and shadings, will differ from the sizes and tones appearing on our website. All sizes given are estimated. Order in bulk and get great discounts! We offer quality items at reasonable costs and incredible client care.

We love nature and the ocean and respect all features of conservation. Our passion for earth’s natural resources inspires us to frequently add new products and information, so please check back often. Thanks for visiting!